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Let it be any drapery or window work, we are here to help!!

Our goal is simply to provide you with the best Professional Installation Service in order to beautify your home. Our Installers are bonded and insured. 

Custom window treatment installation includes shutters, blinds, shades, curtains and motorized blinds.
Despite the windows size or shape, you can be sure Designers Market will have a customized window covering proposal according to your needs.
We use only the best fabrics and materials for our windows, blinds and curtains. Browse through our shop and find the perfect color, style and fit for your window treatments.
We guarantee our work and installation service of your curtains and shades. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

Professional Installation Service of Custom Window Treatments

At Designers Market, we highly recommend professional measuring and installation services. Think of these services as inexpensive insurance policies to ensure your window treatments will fit just right and look great. The value of professional measuring and installation, followed by guidelines for taking your own rough measurements that you can take to Designers Market to get a quote.

Why Should I Opt for Professional Installation Service?

Our installers will come to your home and measure your windows before a yard of fabric is cut. Often there is more to consider than simply the length and width and shape of your window. The fee is modest and there are good reasons to invest in this service:

  • They will measure with your window treatments in mind, noting all the architectural features that have to be accommodated — doors, moldings, bookcases, radiators and so forth.
  • They’ll evaluate existing drapery rods and whether they’re worth keeping.
  • They’ll plan for installation of new drapery rods and support brackets, and advise if additional hardware is required to carry the weight of the window treatment.
  • They’ll take exact measurements and will be fully responsible for the products made to these specifications.
  • They’ll check where valances or cornices will be positioned and make sure that any window treatments beneath will fit and function properly.

Why Should I Choose Professional Installation Service?

Hanging window treatments is not just another “Do-It-Yourself” job when you consider that you will be holding 30 pounds of fabric panels, high up on a 12-foot ladder, trying to adjust sharp pins! Our installers make the whole process go quickly and smoothly. The end result is well worth the installation fee.

Reasons to Opt for this Service

Our installers are specialists — this is all they do.
They have all the tools and experience to help window treatments hang beautifully. They have the right skills to ensure the weight of the treatment is properly supported, and that care is taken to protect woodwork. They’ll steam and dress draperies and shades to hang beautifully and break properly when opening or closing.

Service & Repair

Our professional installers ensure that you have the appropriate window treatment and mounting option selected. We use correct hardware to support your new window treatment and protect your window molding and frame. When you work with our professionals we guarantee your window treatments will operate perfectly. No job is too big for Designers Market.  Call for appointment or visit our store.

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